Leg Truss Permanent Grandstands

Leg-Truss permanent grandstands are a custom designed hybrid between a permanent grandstand and frame-type system, utilizing wide-flange stringers with angle columns and bracing. This system allows for installation on various site conditions unsuitable for frame-type bleachers. It provides limited usable space beneath the stand at a more affordable price than a permanent, I-Beam grandstand.

  • Custom designed specifically for your site and seating requirements
  • Concrete slab or grade-beam foundations with wide-flange stringers, steel angle columns and bracing spaced at 6 feet on center
  • Limited usable space underneath grandstand
  • Allows for installation on difficult sites such as hillsides or berms
  • Versatility to accommodate various rises and treads, all decking designs and other features such as chairs and weather/litter shields
  • Leg Truss designs will accommodate a maximum of 20 rows of seating