Angle Frame Bleachers


For the ultimate in cost effective spectator seating, our standard Angle Frame Bleachers provide the top quality features you expect, at a cost that will fit any budget. Our bleachers have been specifically engineered as an
economical, durable solution for all types of indoor and outdoor venues and can be configured for any venue.

Standardized box frame construction includes cross bracing and stringers spaced at 6 feet on center. Designed for installation on a flat and level surface, this type of system provides the flexibility of adding seats as your facility grows. Angle Frame Bleachers provide the ultimate seating for crowd appeal, strength, easy installation and very low maintenance.

Seating options include benches with straight backs or individual chair seats, and armrest can be added to designate exact seating for reserved areas.

Standard Features include:
  • Offered in 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 rows
  • Galvanized steel angle frame – 6 feet on center as standard
  • Elevated or Non-Elevated design (30″ or 40″)
  • Standard 8” rise per row with 24” tread spacing
  • Semi-Closed or Closed Deck offered as standard decking systems
  • Anodized aluminum seating and risers
  • Mill finished aluminum decking


Options Include:
  • Aluminum angle frame understructure
  • Seating – Bench seating with straight backs or individual chairs
  • Press boxes
  • Ramps, stairs,  or walkways
  • Custom Angle Frame pricing is available upon request