Welded Deck

Welded Deck

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The Welded Deck system is fully closed deck utilizing tongue and groove aluminum planks that are continually welded together at the seam, the full length of the stand. Additionally, riser boards interlock into the tread, creating a fully integrated system. Welded decks increase rigidity, reduce deflection and allow the aluminum boards to act and feel like one, solid deck. Upgrading with reserved seating is no problem with our “No Thru Bolt” option, which can be accomplished without replacing the vertical risers. (Not offer by other competitive deck systems)


  • Containment of trash and debris on the top side of the stand for easy maintenance
  • Offered on both permanent grandstands and angle frame bleachers
  • Accommodates various rise and tread spacing
  • Accommodates stadium chair seating


  • Blasting for a slip-resistant finish
  • Powder coated with a durable polyester finish that creates a slip and stain resistant deck
  • Powder coating to add color to vertical risers on grandstands and bleachers
  • No Thru Bolt option – Provides no penetration of the vertical riser and accommodates future installation of reserved seating without replacing vertical risers. (recommended for stands with chair seating)
  • Secondary gutter system with downspouts at the butt joints to further reduce water penetration