Leg Truss Permanent Grandstands

Leg-Truss permanent grandstands are a custom designed hybrid between a permanent grandstand and frame-type system, utilizing wide-flange stringers, angle columns and bracing. This system allows for installation on various site conditions unsuitable for frame-type bleachers. It provides limited usable space beneath the stand at a more affordable price than a permanent, I-Beam grandstand.

A key advantage of the Leg-Truss design is its versatility. Unlike traditional frame-type bleachers, Leg-Truss grandstands can be installed in various challenging site conditions where other options are unsuitable. Whether it’s uneven terrain or difficult soil conditions, these grandstands can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Leg-Truss permanent grandstands offer a cost-effective alternative to permanent, I-Beam grandstands. With limited usable space beneath the stand, they provide a more affordable option without compromising on quality or durability. You can enjoy all the benefits of a permanent grandstand without breaking the bank.

  • Custom designed specifically for your site and seating requirements.
  • Concrete slab or grade-beam foundations
  • Wide-flange stringers, steel angle columns, bracing spaced at 6 ft. on center.
  • Limited usable space underneath grandstand.
  • Allows for installation on difficult sites such as hillsides or berms.
  • Versatility to accommodate various rises and treads, all decking designs and other features such as chairs and weather/litter shields.
  • Leg Truss designs will accommodate a maximum of 20 rows of seating.


I-Beam Permanent Grandstands

I-Beam permanent grandstands are the standard for premium outdoor spectator seating. Our grandstands are meticulously engineered and constructed to endure daily use, no matter the weather conditions, crowd size, or event type. At Sturdisteel, we proudly offer professional engineering services to customize any of our standard designs to meet your specific needs.

Choose from a range of finish applications and options for our I-Beam permanent grandstands. These include roofing over seating areas, press box support structures, aluminum seat boards, foot boards, riser boards, and VIP stadium chair seating.

Experience the epitome of quality with our I-Beam grandstands, designed to provide long-term comfort for spectators. Whether you require seating for 500 or 50,000, our grandstands deliver unmatched excellence.

  • Custom designed specifically for your site and seating requirements.
  • Concrete pier foundations with steel columns, beams and stringers.
  • Clear-Span understructure allows underneath storage, restrooms, concessions, etc.
  • Installation on difficult sites such as hillsides or berms.
  • Versatility to accommodate various rises and treads, all decking designs and other features such as chairs and weather/litter shields.
  • Ability to integrate and support roof structures into the grandstand.


Angle Frame Bleachers

For the ultimate in cost-effective spectator seating, our Angle Frame Bleachers provide top quality features you can rely on, at a price that fits any budget. Our bleachers have been meticulously engineered to serve as an economical and durable solution for all types of indoor and outdoor venues. They can be easily configured to meet your specific needs.

Our standardized box frame construction includes cross bracing and stringers spaced at six feet on center, ensuring structural stability. These bleachers are designed to be installed on a flat and level surface, offering the flexibility to add seats as your facility expands. With Angle Frame Bleachers, you can enjoy superior seating that enhances crowd appeal, offers exceptional strength, and allows for effortless installation with very low maintenance requirements.

We offer a range of seating options, including benches with straight backs or individual chair seats. Additionally, armrests can be added to designate exact seating for reserved areas. Rest assured that our Angle Frame Bleachers are built to deliver optimal comfort and convenience for spectators.

  • Offered in 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 rows.
  • Galvanized steel angle frame – six feet on center.
  • Elevated or non-elevated design (30″ or 40″).
  • Standard 8” rise per row with 24” tread spacing
  • Semi-closed or closed deck as standard decking systems
  • Anodized aluminum seating and risers.
  • Mill finished aluminum decking.


  • Aluminum angle frame understructure.
  • Bench seating with straight backs or individual chairs.
  • Press boxes
  • Ramps, stairs,  or walkways
  • Custom angle frame pricing is available upon request.


Seating on Concrete

Sturdisteel offers a wide range of all aluminum seating options that are not only easy to install, but also economically viable for both new and existing concrete structure facilities. Our prime focus lies in ensuring the utmost comfort and durability for our customers. That’s why our aluminum seating planks embody the highest quality features at a price that can accommodate any budget.

Maintenance departments highly value the clear anodized finish. This unique feature makes cleaning a breeze and enhances resistance to liquids, rigorous hosing, and even rain. With Sturdisteel, you can trust that our seating solutions are built to last, providing value for your investment.

  • Four seating models/widths available for steel or concrete, new or existing, indoor or outdoor facilities.
  • Matching backrests, and armrests are also available.
  • For greater seating comfort, optional contoured backrest are available.
  • All plank surfaces are serrated except for a 2” section for ease in numbering


Press Boxes


Press Boxes are an integral part of a grandstand that not only provide seating for coaches, press and announcers, but also enhance the aesthetic look of any venue. Whether you need to replace a press box on an existing facility, or need assistance in designing the right press box for your new facility, Sturdisteel can engineer an ideal solution for your needs. As a custom manufacturer, we design press boxes that meet your needs for both form and function. Using modern construction methods and modular designs we create an aesthetically pleasing press box that will hold up under the heaviest usage.

  • Exterior 26 gauge type R metal panels
  • Non-combustible steel framing
  • 5/8” CD Exterior Grade plywood
  • Inside wall 3/8” regular sheetrock
  • Finished interior walls
  • Pre-wired for local power connection
  • 2’ x 2’ x 58” acoustical tile
  • Flat front wall


  • Filming deck
  • Roof hatch
  • Air conditioning
  • Multiple rooms
  • Security shutters
  • Fixed glass
  • Sloped front wall

Portable Bleachers


Sturdisteel low-profile portable bleachers provide you with economic portable seating for a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. Our Portable Bleachers are constructed of the finest materials available and meet all building code requirements without aisles, guardrail systems or decking risers. Standard portable bleachers usually quick ship within 7 business days.

  • 3 or 4 Row
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • 30” or less in height
  • Standard 6” rise per row with 24” tread spacing
  • 2″ x 10″ Single footboards
  • 2″ x 12″ Seat Boards
  • No Aisles, No back or side rails
  • Standard lengths of 7’-6”, 15’, 21’ and 27’


  • Double footboards and risers



Sturdisteel Tilt & Roll Portable Bleachers are the answer for an unexpected overflow of crowds. Our three row units stack neatly against the wall and are tilted down to provide extra seating for spectators. Tilt & Roll portable bleachers are designed with non-marking rubber pads for tilting and large swivel casters for portability without damage to floors. Standard portable bleachers usually quick ship within 7 business days.

  • Anodized Aluminum seat board – mill finish aluminum footboards.
  • Aluminum frames
  • 2”x 10” single footboards
  • Standard 6” rise per row with 24” tread spacing
  • 2” x 12” Seat Boards
  • Non-scarring rubber pads
  • Ball bearing casters
  • Tipping arm
  • Standard length of 7’-6”, 15’, 21’ and 27’

Tables & Benches

Team Benches

Sturdisteel offers aluminum team benches to complete your new facility or to assist with the requirements of an existing facility. Team benches are designed for safety and available in standard and custom lengths. Standard team benches usually quick ship within 7 business days.

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum frames
  • 2” x 10” bench seating
  • Available with or without aluminum anodized backrest
  • Portable or Permanent (Surface or in-ground mounted)
  • Standard length of 7’-6”, 15’, 21’, and 27’
  • Custom lengths by request


Picnic Tables

Sturdisteel offers heavy-duty constructed picnic tables for both commercial and recreational use. These aluminum tables are maintenance free and long lasting. Standard picnic tables usually quick ship within 7 business days.

  • Adonized aluminum tops & seats
  • 2” square galvanized steel frame
  • Galvanized hardware
  • 6’ or 8’ lengths
  • Portable or surface mounted
  • Handicap access tables available
  • Custom lengths available


  • 6-person table: 56” W x 72” L x 30” H
  • 8-person table: 56” W x 96” L x 30” H

Stadium Banner System

Custom designed and professionally installed STURDIWRAP stadium banner systems enhance the look & feel of your facility through eye-catching displays. Whether dressing up a new structure or revitalizing a tired one, large format graphics capture the attention of your students, alumni, fans & opponents!

Looking for a way to generate annual revenue? Maximize your sponsor’s advertising impact by turning what is most likely, the largest square footage available in your stadium, into a highly-visible billboard.

Need additional storage? Create a storage area under the structure by turning your open space into necessary hidden storage and eliminate fan traffic under the bleachers.

Standard Features Include:
  • PCV coated polyester mesh
  • 15% allowable wind flow
  • Galvanized steel hardware
  • One year warranty


  • Bleacher front, side or back
  • Stadium signage
  • Sponsorship banners